About Michele W. Miller

AvatarA former urban desperado, I have settled into a “happy, joyous and free” life over the last two decades. New York Times Bestselling author, Lawrence Block, states: “Michele Miller has had more lives than a cat, and they’ve made her a writer of passion and substance.”

THE THIRTEENTH STEP: ZOMBIE RECOVERY is my published novel.  With only the addict gene in common, a motley crew of addicts and children of addicts fight to find a life worth living in a decimated world. THE THIRTEENTH STEP: ZOMBIE RECOVERY was a quarter-finalist selection in the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award competition.  The audiobook will be released in November 2014, narrated and produced by Grammy, Hugo and Audie-winner Gabrielle de Cuir and Skyboat Media.

I am currently nearing completion of an urban thriller called Castle Grayskull: The Urban Legend.  Under its former title (Lower Power), an early draft of the novel was a semi-finalist in the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards (top 25 of 10,000 entries).  Publisher’s Weekly called it “superbly written,” “clever” and exciting.

In my spare time, I practice law and do homework with my awesome eleven-year-old twins. I am married to a New York City high school chemistry teacher. I have a black belt in the Jaribu System of Karate. In my youth, when I wasn’t screwing up, I was a professional roller-disco skater and an avid Central Park volleyball player.micheles-twins