ABC News Quotes Me on Parenting

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I’ve been so off the grid while traveling, that I didn’t realize I’d been quoted by ABC News.  The subject is how parental supervision levels have changed from the last generation to now.  I talk about how cautious I am with my kids after a relatively lax, albeit well-meaning approach my parents took.  My parents thought children should be independent.  They were accustomed to freedom when they were growing up in a safer environment.  But the place where I grew up was anything but safe, and I was the wrong kid to be making independent decisions.  I couldn’t be trusted to consistently act in my own best interest, and I proved that repeatedly.  However, I will let me kids go to middle school alone next month even though it is a much bigger deal than it was when I commuted alone to middle school.  When I was their age, eleven years old, I babysat three kids who lived several blocks from my house.  Not only was I out alone, night and day; but three babies were in the care of an eleven year old.  Times have changed, at least for people I know (which is admittedly a small reference point in the scheme of things).  Here is the link.