Audio Sample of The Thirteenth Step: Zombie Recovery

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Check out a sample of the brilliant narration of the acclaimed narrator, Gabrielle de Cuir. She created a mind-blowing new audiobook of The Thirteenth Step: Zombie Recovery. Before you get to that particularly gruesome but delicious slice of the audiobook, pun intended, I thought I’d share what a reader had to say about the story. Hers wasn’t even a review but a comment in response to an Amazon customer review. Something tells me it was written right after she finished the book. Here’s what she said:

“I’m NOT a fan of zombies …TV shows or games..but this book was very amazing..I could not put it down! Being a person in recovery I found it redeeming that “we” are the survivors! The entire world would be so much better if we ALL practiced the 12 Steps….to me this is a fictional story of how we ARE the chosen …we get the chance to leave behind the hell of alcohol and drugs and have a new start…to do the next right thing. The differences between the settlements are soooooo representative of unhealthy groups…strict controlling judgmental and repressive….and healthy groups…based on and focused on serenity and peacefulness..accepting life on life’s terms….great entertaining book…”

Here’s the sample of the brilliant work of Grammy, Audie and Hugo-winning, Gabrielle de Cuir, in The Thirteenth Step: Zombie Recovery.

What's Left of my Home-Group.
What’s Left of My Home-Group.

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