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Reviews trickle in for my novel, The Thirteenth Step: Zombie Recovery, and this one was cathartic for me. A reader responded to a review that, I admit, rented space in my brain when it was posted many months ago then voted “most helpful” by many so it stayed forever “above the fold” on my Amazon page. Some of you might remember my groaning over it. It was one of a couple of reviews that also complained I was racist. The only problem was that the reviewers couldn’t decide whether I was racist against white or Black people. I found particularly interesting the review that said I was a northerner who didn’t like southern white people. That one was an interesting misunderstanding of the plot. Luckily, the complainers were a very small minority…no offense intended against small people. (I’m small.) Honestly, I’m thankful for everyone who took the time to review. I’m waiting for reviews to start coming in of the new Audiobook, narrated by the fabulous Gabrielle de Cuir (she is the Grammy, Hugo, Audie-winning narrator of Enders Game, among many other titles). Available here:

Anyway, this is the review, short but sweet, from “Tikkitopas – Mother of Four from College Point, Texas. It is the 107th Five-Star review for The Thirteenth Step: Zombie Recovery”

5.0 out of 5 stars – “Action, suspense, romance and gore– what else could you want?!!”

Sucked me in and kept me turning pages late into the night. Pretty graphic, so not for the overly squeamish, but really, really good. I usually keep my opinions about books to myself– but I just had to speak up after I saw a guy say the characters lacked depth. He must have downloaded a different version than I did, because the characters came alive for me. I made several new friends and mourned the passing of some… You don’t have to be in recovery OR a zombie to enjoy this book!


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