Fantastic Publishers Weekly Review of My Forthcoming Novel, Lower Power

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Publishers Weekly loved my new novel, LOWER POWER!  PW chooses the semi-finalists for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards.  The semi-finalists will be announced on June 13th.  Here is the review.  I am very excited about it.
Publishers Weekly Reviewer:
A dark power spreads death and chaos in New York City in the midst of the early-1990s crack epidemic in an expertly-told tale of recovering drug addicts facing supernatural horror. Raven Douglas and Keith Wilson are two former drug users who are now clean when they and their fellow Narcotics Anonymous members begin to suffer drug nightmares and are drawn toward an abandoned building on 117th Street where high-potency cocaine is being distributed by the terrifying “BG” (Big Guy). Meanwhile, reporter Juan Miranda, with Raven’s help, unravels the truth behind a sudden spate of mass shootings and other mayhem, while also trying to rescue teenage addict and prostitute Gina, who becomes involved with one of BG’s lieutenants. The author cleverly works in recognizable references to events and personalities of the era, and does an excellent job of capturing the authentic feel of the meanest streets of New York City in its most crime-ridden days. The growing claustrophobic horror of the former addicts being drawn back into drug use alternates with episodes of horrific violence by B.G.’s “wet brain” zombies for an unrelenting cascade of horror that builds to an exciting climax in this superbly written tale of urban survivors fighting to save themselves once more.
Here is the link to the FREE excerpt on Amazon:  PLEASE read and review.  Your reviews count in the semi-finals!