My Family and Me in the New York Times

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Meet my family and me, featured in a New York Times article along with our friend, Carlos.  What a great day it was, shooting the photos for the story, hanging out, laughing, getting to know the very talented photographer.  Many people have said to me that I should feel proud of being featured in this New York City story.  My automatic thought process was:  But I didn’t write it, I didn’t get paid for it, I didn’t save someone from a speeding train.

Then I had to give the matter some thought, and it’s almost funny that it took me so long to come to the following insights.  I’d be the first one to think there was something wrong with me if my relationships were terrible — the quality of our relationships speak volumes about us.  But when my relationships are good and my family is well-liked enough to be featured in a prominent newspaper due to our relationship with someone, it never occurs to me that this fact speaks well of us and me.  It’s almost funny because I would be the first person to tell you that our relationships are perhaps the most important thing we do, our legacy of love.  So, I’ve learned something about myself here, and I don’t think I’m alone.  I am a product of our society and culture:  I still measure myself too much by what I do and too little for what I am.  So, here is a story of a slice of my family’s life.  I’m pleased to share it with you, and I am very proud of my family!   Cover NYT Ussafe_image