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Just in, the first blogger review of the new Audiobook of The Thirteenth Step: Zombie Recovery. The review title is “Soft zombie story, still fun and interesting.” The reviewer loved the performance, but the things he didn’t love may be just the reason why you’d like it, i.e., he thought it was “zombie-lite.” Well, yes, my point exactly. The Thirteenth Step: Zombie Recovery is not just a zombie novel. The zombie apocalypse is the setting, not the story (as aptly noted). It is not full of gratuitous gore and violence, although there is certainly some, as needed for the story. Then add the brilliant narration of Grammy-winner, Gabrielle de Cuir.

Check out what said:

“All in all The Thirteenth Step: Zombie Recovery is an original zombie story that I would classify as soft. Not a lot of action or gore. Full of interesting alcoholic survivors, which makes for colorful characters. Full of personalities before survival principles.

If you have been afraid to listen to a violence filled zombie audiobook, here is your chance for a story to ease you into the genre.

Gabrielle de Cuir put everything she had into this performance. Emphasizing words and scenes to create more tension and emotion than would have been there otherwise. This is what made The Thirteenth Step: Zombie Recovery stand out to me.”

Kudos to Gabrielle de Cuir and her pure genius. Thank you for taking the time to listen and review. Here’s the entire review:

And here’s more Zombie-Lite:

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