Listen to First Chapter of The Thirteenth Step: Zombie Recovery

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If you’ve never heard Gabrielle de Cuir, give yourself a few minutes to listen to the first chapter of our audiobook, The Thirteenth Step: Zombie Recovery. Gabrielle is a renowned narrator. She is probably most famous for her work on Ender’s Game, which earned her a Grammy nomination. She and her production studio, Skyboat Media, have won Grammy, Hugo, and Audie awards. Dozens of narrators auditioned for The Thirteenth Step. Gabrielle was of an entirely different universe, incomparable. In The Thirteenth Step, she does credible accents for an extremely diverse cast of characters, from a thick New York City brogue to Spanish and Japanese. She brings great humor and suspense to the material. Please listen and enjoy.

You can get the entire audiobook free with an Audible free trial.


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