Recovering in The Zombie Apocalypse — A Novel Idea…Mine

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In honor of the new season of The Walking Dead, The Fix has written an article about recovering in the zombie apocalypse.  Okay, I’m NOT going to get a resentment about them taking my idea and not mentioning my book…since they know my book (I’ve advertised with them).  I am choosing to view it as an opportunity, one of the things we learn in recovery.  We view a closed door as an opportunity to find a better one down the hallway.  We say HP has three answers to our desires:  Yes, not now or I have something better for you.  Oh, I’m on a roll…heading toward gratitude.  Anyway, their writing an article about recovering in the zombie apocalypse is cool (one of my favorite subjects) and I happily left a comment providing the link to my novel for folks who really want to have some fun with the idea.  Hey, if you have time, please leave a comment about my novel, too.

Walking Dead Grass

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